Event Service

Whether it’s your sister’s wedding party, nephew’s 12th birthday party, customer’s product launch event, trade shows, or your company’s annual Christmas event, all it takes is your invitation to Sharon T. Caricatures. Your guests will remember the event for their lifetime!

Drawing Speeds:
Color Digital Caricatures: 9-11 people per hour
B&W Digital Caricatures: 12-15 people per hour

Equipments & Requirements:
1. Output Options: 4×6″/5×7″ photo prints, digital downloads available after the event.
2. Provided Equipment: Cintiq Tablet, Cannon Wireless Printer, TV monitor, Plastic bags to protect the photo prints.
3. Backup Equipment: iPad, email digital files right away.
4. Requirements: 2 – 3 chairs, 1 table, and an electric outlet

1. Event logo and message template will be ready before the event.
2. Sharon will arrive the venue 45 minutes in advance for setting up equipments.

Samples: Salesforce company eventAdRoll Samples copyweebly - halloween party copy

mix f1jpg

F1 2-days event in the VIP area


Elizabeth Arden Product Launch Event


The New Golf Launching Event

Corporate Events Mix

Corporate events

Dior 迪奥新品发布

Dior lip gloss promotional event

Birthday Mix copy

Birthday parties

More Samples: